Duda Membership is now live! 🎉

Sharon_Rubinstein Member Posts: 7 Product Team
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Hi Folks 👋,

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Sharon from Duda's Product team. I'm here today to talk about a huge and exciting project we've been working on for the past months - Membership.

Some have already had the chance to play around with the beta version, and today, I'm happy to share with you that we are releasing Membership to everyone! 

I'll start from the end - We built (of course, on Duda) an awesome website that will give you all the information you need to get started. Check it out here: membership.duda.co

For those of you who are still here, let's talk a bit about Duda Membership.

With Membership, you can attract more clients, sell more sites and solve new use-cases. The best part? It is all seamlessly integrated into the editor!

Membership sites allow your customers to offer exclusive content to their registered members. It enables the creation of online communities and lead generation sites.

Start with ease

To add Membership, enable it on your site via the Duda App Store. There is a free plan to help you test Membership out and quickly get started.

After you've added Membership, select which pages you would like to be visible to members and place the login bar widget in your site's header. That's it! Your added Membership to your site.

This is just the beginning

There are still many exciting features on the way. We know that many of you want to build sites that offer subscriptions, different membership groups, personal areas for your members, and more. We are working hard to have these capabilities available for you as fast as possible.

Have another membership feature you'd like to see in Duda? Visit our idea board and share your thoughts with us.