Bug with highlighting of anchors in navigation menu, any workaround?

Wimads Member Posts: 15

Hi all,

I've noticed a bug when using anchors in the navigation menu.

I have a landing page with 5 flex sections. Each flex section has an anchor which is shown in the navigation menu. They all work as expected except for one small but glaring detail: if the flex section exceeds a certain length, the anchor will not get highlighted in the navigation menu when scrolling over it; and will also not remain highlighted when clicking it. But the shorter sections behave as expected. (I have not tested what the exact length in pixels would be however).

So now I have got a landing page where 2 out of 5 menu items do not get highlighted as expected, and the other 3 do. It is not a big deal in the sense that my page functions well and is fully navigable, but the inconsistency of the behaviour just looks a bit unprofessional...

For reference: www.lampje-aan.nl/en -- "lighting design" and "biophilic design" are the sections that don't highlight.

Is there a way to solve this? perhaps in the HTML or CSS code? Or should I just wait and hope this will get fixed at some point?

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