🔒 New Feature Release: Client Billing

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Client Billing is coming to Duda! Keep an eye on this post to stay up to date on Client Billing news.

What's Client Billing?

Rather hear about it? Rewatch our Client Billing webinar here:

Client Billing allows you to charge your clients (either one-time fees, or ongoing subscriptions) not only for Duda sites but also for any other services you provide.

Client Billing provides a fully unified experience allowing you to save time and mitigate risk by integrating client payments directly with the Duda platform. You'll have the ability to set up automations based on client payment status. For example, set your client's site to automatically publish once first payment is received or make sure the site is unpublished if your client stops paying. Once you've set up and sent the payment request to your client through Duda, we'll take care of the rest for you.


Psst - this feature is still in beta! Want to take this feature out for a spin? Click here to join the beta group.