The League: Everything You Need to Know

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Important! You'll need to have an active Duda Community profile in order to automatically receive bags when completing Duda University courses. If you've completed courses prior to joining the community, you can request them here.

The League

The league is a game we play within our community, designed to give members a way to showcase their expertise and be rewarded for their contributions.

Levels of the League


Requirements: 2,000 points and 2 published sites

The first tier in the League. The Learner is a web pro who is working towards skills mastery. They might be new to the game or just new to Duda, but they are hungry to learn and ready to take their expertise to the next level.

Perks you can look forward to:

  • Exclusive badge and rank on your profile
  • Shape upcoming features by participating in usability labs
  • Dedicated training sessions with Duda staff and industry leaders
  • Apply to be featured in the Community Showcase
  • Exclusive networking opportunities


Requirements: 5,000 points and 5 published sites

The second tier in the League. The Leader is an industry expert, someone who’s honed their skills throughout their professional career and is putting that experience to good use by advising and inspiring others.

All of the perks of a Learner, plus:

  • Exclusive badge and rank on your profile
  • Beta access to unreleased features
  • Apply to be featured in the Duda Newsletter
  • 1 year, non renewing site coupon


Requirements: 10,000 points and 10 published sites

The third and highest tier in the League. The legend needs no introductions, they know everything and everyone knows them. These pros are masters of their craft, true guiding lights to their peers and the gurus of this community. 

All of the perks of a Learner and Leader, plus:

  • Exclusive badge and rank on your profile
  • Exclusive branded swag
  • Two 1 year, non renewing site coupons
  • Speaking opportunities at Duda events
  • Eligible for Legend of the Year award
  • Meet and Greet with the Founders at DudaCon


The only tier that can't be reached by moving up the League’s leaderboard. This group is voted in based on contributions and peer nominations. Voting occurs once a year.

How to climb the ranks of the League:

  • Upload a profile picture: 10 points
  • Answering questions: 10 points (+ 30 points bonus points if your answer is selected as a correct answer)
  • Commenting on posts 
  • Reacting to posts
  • Earning expertise badges by completing Duda U courses: 100 points. We are currently awarding badges for the following courses (with many more to come!) Already completed these courses and/or certifications? Request your badges here.
  • Duda Certified in Web Design
  • Duda Certified Developer
  • Optimizing Your Sites for CWV
  • eCommerce Best Practices
  • Designing with Dudaflex
  • Building Custom Widgets
  • Feeling ambitious? Get an exclusive badge and bonus points if you earn 5 badges in a day. Some of these activities have a static point value where you earn the same amount of points each time you complete them. Other activities have dynamic point values that increase each time you complete the activity. For example, commenting on a post has a dynamic point value because the amount of points you receive increases each time you reach a new threshold of 10, 100, 500 comments and so on. 
  • Finding and reporting bugs on Duda: 400 points
  • Earning expertise badges by completing Duda U certifications: 500 points
  • Writing for Duda Community Blog: 250 points
  • Writing a technical tutorial: 150 points
  • Hosting a webinar: 350 points

    Questions about the league and how to earn points? Leave a comment below.