Question of the Week: How Much Do You Charge for Local SEO Services?

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This week, @Steven L asked:

“For those who provide marketing services along with web design, I’m curious what you charge. Particularly Local SEO services”

Here’s what the community had to say:


It’s a lucky dip to be honest Steven, if you type "local SEO Services" in google it goes from 99 to whatever so asking anybody else is a tough guide, use the info from Google, see what your market can take, and try it adjust the recipe along the way add salt for seasoning according to taste. PS One good point? If you go cheap? you will still be subject to the same performance expectations as somebody charging more so don’t be shy.


Depends on what you do. We can do 300 / mo or 30k a month. Local SEO can be so customized and tailor-made to each business’s budget. The basics would cover some citations, some GMB optimizations, and whatnot. The larger the budget the more work they can get. SEO Keyword heavy blogs post weekly or daily, backlinks, guest posts and so many other things.


Our local-specific plans range from $600-$7500/mo. For us it’s really based on labor hours and what we believe you need to focus on to achieve success as quickly as possible!


I would be curious to know more about the scope and deliverables when you are charging $7500 or $30k per month.

@Stephen K.

@Bruce_McCaughan it depends on the size of a site. Most people think that Local SEO is just citations and Google Business optimizations, and that is a big part of it. However, there is the localization of keywords, which has little to do with Google Maps. Instead, you can try to rank for skateboards for sale near me, as an example. Further, I have a client that has 50 locations but one website. If I multiply that by my monthly fee, that would be a huge cost. You need to take scope into perspective. For a local business with one location, I charge a max of $500.


I’ve seen so many different options and methods for SEO. I’ve seen and used other companies’ programs on test sites too to compare data and techniques. For me- after all testing - I arrived at charging per hour. I found every site is different and every goal is different. I’m able to provide better SEO results according to each client’s goals when I schedule time than I am trying to bill for a program. I created basic packages that are by hourly - 4,8,12,16 hours. Then build them to show the type of work done like site audit work, local listing submissions, content writing, page creation, articles, etc. I do this as a monthly contract.

@Joseph S

I just sold a $6k realtor site and I’m doing rep marketing at $500/mo per location, and $2100/mo SEO. Trying to design a lower price offer for home services businesses. I have a power washing company lead. Thinking $999 upfront plus $299/mo, including website and vCita. I normally charge $4-6k for the website but most independent contractors can’t afford that so I spread it out. Includes GMB optimization.

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  • John_Ohman
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    It's pretty simple. We find what we believe is the best vendor to provide this white-label service and the we double their charges to our clients.

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    Sounds like a guaranteed way to scale effectively - thanks for sharing your process!

  • Robert_Tickner
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    As a rule of thumb for my SEO services, starting from $299/mo - $849/mo this is really dependent on the client's number of web pages, their current competition within their market/niche + If they are wanting content to be created to scale.