form submission data sent as text message to phone

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Client asked if i can have his form submission data sent as text message to his phone. is this possible and how would i do it, if so?

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    Hi there, @dbindy! It is indeed possible, but Duda's built-in Contact Form doesn't have SMS functionality built-in. There are indeed several options, though, so I'll try to give you a couple of ideas here.

    Use Zapier

    Probably the easiest way to get an SMS notification of a form submission is to get an account on a communication platform like Twilio, and then get Zapier to use Twilio to send you an SMS every time you get a form submission. Duda's Contact Form has built-in Zapier integration:

    This does require you (or your client) to have a Twilio account, as well as a Zapier account — and also for you to setup the automation in Zapier. It also requires you to be on a Duda Team Plan in order to get the Zapier integration. Therefore, it might be a great solution if you (or your client) are already using Zapier, and if you are already on a Team Plan.

    Use Paperform

    You can add the Paperform App to your website — it's like the built-in Contact Form on steroids. More precisely, it's like having the built-in Contact Form already rolled into Zapier: you can setup your form, and its automations, all inside Paperform itself. Paperform itself won't be able to send SMSs, but it integrates with a whole lot of SMS senders, including ClickSend, which is what PaperForm seems to recommend.

    If you are not on a Duda Team Plan, and/or you're looking for an option that might turn out slightly cheaper than the Zapier+Twilio combo, this might be a good solution.

    Use a Hand-Coded Form

    One of Duda's strengths is that if you don't have the functionality you need, you can always code it yourself. In this case, you could code your own Form — you can do it either using the HTML Widget, or (better) as a Custom Widget that you'll be able to re-use on other sites. You'll still need to have an account with an online service that can the SMSs for you — like Twilio or ClickSend — but the idea here is that you'll program the form submission yourself, using Javascript, to use that service's API to send the form submission for you.

    This is a great solution if your client has a little budget for custom development, and you are comfortable programming in Javascript and accessing APIs.

    I hope one of these suggestions might work for you!


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    @visioncraft -

    Thank You very much for the guidance! Your assist is very appreciated and useful! You rock!