Google Search no indexing pages with /?id

Laswell Member Posts: 9

Hi I'm getting a lot of errors from Google search console that say "Page is not indexed: Alternative page with proper canonical tag"

They all seem to be the home page with /?id=83561755 (about 20) at the end of the address eg.

Does anybody know why this is happening and does it hurt my SEO?


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  • Bruce_McCaughan
    Bruce_McCaughan Member Posts: 130 Learner
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    This CAN be annoying, I know.
    The ?xxx domains are likely from their last site.
    You might wanna check that and see if they should be redirected to pages on the current site.
    If there used to be pages (looks like a dynamic page thing, or older CMS that renders inner pages that way), then it could hurt your SEO (as those previously indexed pages are no longer indexed).

    HOWEVER, generally, merely getting notified by Search Console is not bad. If the pages that "are not indexed" are not actually pages on your website that should be indexed, then there is nothing to worry about. What you want to watch for is URLs that look like they should be/could be redirected to current pages.


  • Laswell
    Laswell Member Posts: 9

    Thanks Bruce, it is strange. This is the first website for this business so I don't know where they are coming from. The site performs really well for the business (even though it's not pretty) they get 100+ new clients a month from it (they are only small) but I'm really trying to maximise every opportunity for them :)