blocking java script inside duda editor

duran_jr Member Posts: 2

I am using javascript to send a visitant to an specific site language. but this code causes error inside the duda editor because the code runs and the page do not load. how to deal with that? can I block the code inside the editor?



  • visioncraft
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    Welcome to the community, @duran_jr!

    It might be helpful if you could provide us with a little more detail about your situation.

    1. Are you using Duda's built-in multi-language site feature?
    2. Are you putting your Javascript code in the appropriate section of the page? For the type of automated language-selection solution you're using, you will usually want to place your code in the <head> section of your pages.
    3. Can you share your Javascript code? If so, paste your code here, in a code section (just click the 'code' button at the bottom of the comment field, before you start typing on a new paragraph). If we can see your code, we might be able to pinpoint specific errors or issues.

  • duran_jr
    duran_jr Member Posts: 2

    I solved the problem cheking a duda body class in the editor.

    the code is inside the head.