Extra head row on tablet/mobile


Does anyone know how to get the extra row I put on our header in desktop to show in Mobile and Tablet? Image below shows that green header.

I've looked in every setting and there seems to be no way to get that green row to appear in smaller devices. I'd hate to have to do something more advanced the client can manage.

Thanks for any ideas!



  • visioncraft
    visioncraft Member Posts: 157 Learner

    Hi there, @siphonstrategy - welcome to the Duda Community! 👋

    Try the following and let us know how you go:

    1. Make sure you're editing your site in mobile view
    2. Hover over the header section, click on the orange 'Header' tab and select 'Edit Design' from the dropdown menu — the Header Design popup window will appear
    3. In the 'Layout' section, select the second-last layout option — it's the only one that automatically includes the top bar you want.
    4. The top bar will appear on your header, so now you just have to style it the way you want, and add any needed widgets.

    Hope this helps! If it doesn't, provide us with some more details and we'll try to help you further.

  • siphonstrategy
    siphonstrategy Member Posts: 5

    Thanks! I got it on all three. It's really too bad the client now has to manage it on all 3 devices separately though. (Ideally, they can add a row that shows on all 3 and make edits in one place.)

    Thanks again though - you unblocked me!