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So I have a client that is primarily an online college. They write their own curriculum and the students purchase the book in PDF form. Currently, they email the book to the student after the payment is received. We want to make it so that students can purchase the book from the website but only with a code that they student would receive once they're accepted.

Is there a way to have like a "purchase code" or something like that with the Duda ecommerce options?


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  • visioncraft
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    Hey, @mattmartin, Duda does indeed give you a couple of built-in options for selling courses and downloadable materials. The one you should use for your client depends largely on how they run their online college.

    If they run their online college with courses that run on a subscription basis — that is, students pay a yearly/monthly fee to do the course, and should have access to the course material while they are enrolled — then your best option might be to setup paid memberships. This allows you to have 'locked' pages on the site which the students would only gain access to if they have a current, paid membership.

    If they run the 'college' more like an 'online publishing house' — that is, they are basically just selling their own PDF books online — then you could set them up with Duda's native store, which handles selling digital goods. The idea being that you'd setup their store as an online 'book catalogue' that the student would be able to browse through, select the books they wanted, and buy them online. The way that the online store works with digital goods, is that once the student purchases their book, they receive an email with a link they can use to download the PDF. The link will expire within 7 days. All of this is automatically handled by Duda, so the client doesn't have to worry about manually handling PDFs, codes, or anything.

    I hope these suggestions help. If they don't, let us know what your specific use-case is, and we'll try to give you some more alternatives.


  • mattmartin
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    Thank you for the feedback @visioncraft was very helpful.

    They have explained to me they want it where current and potential students can view the PDF books but not purchase them without a code or password type restriction. I'm leaning more towards the membership option so that once a student is admitted to attend the college they gain access to the online library to purchase the necessary materials.