Can I view an outline of the page contents?

kiwifruit Member Posts: 17

Tools like Figma or Webflow have an outline that can be expanded to show the contents of a page and which elements are nested within each other.

For example:

Is there a way to view page contents in Duda in a similar way?



  • visioncraft
    visioncraft Member Posts: 157 Learner

    Hey, @kiwifruit, it's not exactly the same, but when you're using Duda's Flex Sections, you get an extra 'Layers' section in your sidebar, which shows you the hierarchy of all items within the currently selected section. It's very handy for reordering elements, as well as showing/hiding elements in different viewport sizes. The 'Layers' section only appears when you have a Flex Section selected.

    If you've never worked with Flex Sections before, you should check out the DudaFlex course in the Duda University for a quick-and-fun introduction. And if you run into any issues, just drop us a line over here! ;-)

  • kiwifruit
    kiwifruit Member Posts: 17

    how do I use flex section? Is that feature only available on certain plans?