Online Safety Training Courses


I have a client for whom I'm building an online safety training platform. Similar to safety training courses hospitals and employers use for the employees to take a monthly safety training course.

This course is where the employee will log in, watch a training video, take an exam, and receive a certificate.

Will need functionality where the employer can assign courses as needed but also maybe have the option where they assign a group of courses based on someone's title or role in the company.

Would like to use Duda for this website, but open to possibly using subdomains or something for the course platform.


  • Ryan_Burke
    Ryan_Burke Member Posts: 39 Duda Staff
    edited October 2023

    Hi @mattmartin, I'm the director of Education at Duda. I have a few ideas for you :)

    First, check out Owwlish, it is an LMS we offer in the App Store.

    If that doesn't meet your needs you can look at other Learning Platforms. You could explore everything from Google Classroom to Teachable or other platforms like that. Also think about ways you can integrate Duda built pages into the learning solution (hint hint: we power some of our courses in Duda University with Duda).

    Happy to help you explore more ideas. Sounds like a fun project - good luck!