My URL Redirects wont work

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Hi, we are having trouble getting our url redirects to work from one duda site to another duda site (separate sites & domain). I thought that it might take some time but it has been 72 hours and still not worked - am I doing it correctly?

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    Hi there, @samjensen β€” welcome to the Community! πŸ‘‹

    The main 'gotcha' to watch out for with page redirects, is that you must delete the 'source' page for the redirect to work. If you don't want to delete the old page, then change its URL. If a page still exists at the source URL, then Duda will continue to serve it instead β€” you can read all about it in the support article about redirections. To be totally clear, in your example above, you must make sure that there is no page to be found at "/hip-pocket-phillip", or the redirect won't work.

    Also, make sure you have the absolutely correct URL for your 'destination'. In your example above, your URL should start with "https" β€” not just "http" β€” and the "www" at the beginning is redundant (you can leave it out). The redirect should still work with the URL you entered, but it gives the visitor's browser more steps to go through, where things could go wrong.

    Let us know whether these suggestions help!