Introducing Duda's NEW AI-Powered SEO Assistant

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Hello Everyone!

Our team is excited to officially announce our AI Assistant’s latest feature: an AI-powered SEO automation tool.

Instead of manually creating these for each site page, users can now instantly generate meta titles and description tags for all site pages from a single dashboard. Users can generate new meta tags for the entire site at once, or view and generate only missing tags, across multiple site languages.

Duda's NEW AI-Powered SEO Assistant

  • Instant SEO Meta Data Generation for ALL pages at once
  • Faster & more effective than ChatGBT
  • Generate tags across multiple site languages.

A Message from Itai Sadan, Duda's CO-Founder & CEO

"AI is undeniably reshaping the digital marketing landscape at an unprecedented pace. But it’s important to remember that it’s a tool and cannot replace a comprehensive marketing strategy."

"We developed the AI Assistant to help agencies and other large-scale web building operations get the most out of generative AI to build amazing websites fast – and pair this with insight and creativity to deliver unmatched value to their clients.”

Learn More & Get Started:

Plus, let us know your thoughts in the comments after testing it out!



  • visioncraft
    visioncraft Member Posts: 157 Learner

    Just used it for the first time, and it helped cut our working time a lot - it’s always easier and faster to start with the AI text and edit/improve it a little than to start from scratch. 👍

  • Jacob
    Jacob Member Posts: 28 Learner

    Any idea if Blog pages will get SEO AI assistance? Meta title and description generation?