Have you used the Hover Domain Services Yet?

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Hi Team,

Hover has an email service as well. Has anyone purchased their domain here on Duda via Hover? Are you paying the annual fee and charging the customer? What if they want email, too? Do you have to setup their email and pay for it, too? or does the customer get an account they can add their credit card to?
It would be great if it has the process to take the customer to their own Hover account to pay and setup other services directly.

Your thoughts?

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  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    As far as I know, the only way to utilize Hover as it is presented by Duda is to register a domain on the cusp of launching our website.
    So, I don't imagine anyone has used Hover's service within Duda because, I mean, who decides their URL after the site is built? 😉

    I can almost guarantee that it would be YOU registering and paying for the domain and would simply manage it for your client.
    If you are interested in something where your clients manage and pay for their own domains, you should look to a registrar with re-seller accounts. Not sure if Hover has that, but I would reach out to them directly. In the end, it is better to manage domain registration outside of your chosen web builder. IMHO.


  • Rene
    Rene Member Posts: 33

    Thanks a million, Bruce. Duda sent me to this link: Duda University Hover which recommends that an account on Hover exists first. Your customer could do this. Then, you login with the credentials provided by the customer to complete the domain purchase.

    This is a little clumsy for me. I would like the customer to purchase the domain as well. Then, the integration feature of Duda just goes in and configures the DNS once logged in.

    Like you said, not really a reseller portal, is it? We shall see with a new site coming up soon.


  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    Thanks for the follow up, Rene.
    To add to the conversation, I suppose Hover may be a viable partner/resource for domain registrations. But merely being mildly associated with Duda is probably not the determining factor. You'll want to find a reliable registrar the ticks all the boxes for your needs (DNS manager that works with Duda sites, reseller options, price, etc..)
    And that need not (should not, I would say…eggs in baskets and such) be within the Duda community.