Collections: Where to a add Page Title + Meta Descriptions for SEO?


Maybe i'm having an off day..

So, I can't seem to find where to ADD the Title + Meta Descriptions for each new Page that been created under a Collection?

Thanks in advance!


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  • visioncraft
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    Hi there, @Robert_Tickner! Try this:

    1. Go to the dynamic template page you've setup to display the entries in your collection. In the 'Pages' section of the Site Editor sidebar, click on the little gear icon next to your page's name, and select 'SEO' from the menu that appears:

    2. In the SEO fields section, next to both the 'Page Meta Title' and 'Page Meta Description' fields you will see little 'connection' icons, which you'll be able to click to connect to the relevant fields in your collection which you want to use for SEO 'title' and 'description':

    Hope this helps!