get rid of a hidden ® symbol in the popup

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How do I get rid of this hidden, ® symbol in the popup? Can't see it in the design, also not in the normal preview, only if I am in developer mode and then do a preview (on all screen sizes) and on the live site. I need urgent help and the developer is not available. Is it somewhere in the code of the popup?
Have also made a completely new pop-up from scratch , and it still shows this ®. Can someone please explain in layman's terms where exactly and how I can rectify this? Thank you


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    Hi there, @yas!

    The "registered trademark" symbol ® is just a character, like any other. Where is the text in the popup coming from — the "Stronger & Safer in Mining" text? Are you able to click and edit it? It's likely that the symbol is just a character at the end of that.

    Otherwise, you can try and look at the html code for the page (not the CSS), to see if you can see the symbol there. The "registered trademark" symbol can be typed directly with your keyboard (if you know how), but it can also be entered using some character code sequences that have special meaning in html. If you can't just see the ® symbol in the html of the page, then look for the following code sequences — they would all render on the page as a registered trademark symbol, too:

    HTML Entity: "®"
    Hex Code: "®"
    HTML Code: "®"

    If you can't find the "®" symbol or any of the three codes above in your html, then it's likely that the symbol is being inserted dynamically, either via CSS or Javascript. In that case, if you can post the URL of your site, it could be helpful — we might be able to have a look at the site, and its code, and see how it's getting there.

    Hope this helps. Let us know how you go!

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    Thank you, finally got hold of a developer who fixed it. when he inspected the code, there was an ::after element which was adding that sign after the heading. "It's in the CSS file. There is an ::after element used that has that R sign." I still don't understand why this happened when I started a blank new pop-up