Congrats to Our Top All-Stars of October 2023! ⭐

ScottyStrehlow Member Posts: 354 Duda Staff

Hello Duda Pros,

October was an amazing month for the community, with over 100 contributors! And now it's time to award some of our awesome members for their help last month.

…and the awards go to 🏆️

  1. @Bruce_McCaughan - 100% off site coupon
  2. @rivallinnea - 50% off site coupon
  3. @Egill_Vignisson - 25% off site coupon

These outstanding individuals have actively engaged in valuable discussions, shared knowledge, and offered support to our community.

*Please note that every member is limited to winning one time in 2023, which means you have more chances every month!

At Duda, we encourage our web builders to come together, seek guidance, foster discussions, and cultivate a sense of community. We extend our gratitude to all who actively participated last month!

An additional thank you to a few more top contributors from last month:

  • @visioncraft - They provided over 10 verified answers in October - talk about a champion for helping fellow web builders. 👏
  • @courtneyquaresimo - Courtney continues to share helpful answers and firsthand experience from her agency, Quantifi Media.
  • @Aj_Cre8 - Aj was able to take complex questions and provide simplified answers to help clear up confusion. Not to mention adding resources to his posts.

Stay tuned because we'll continue to recognize our different community members every month. Could you be the next one in the spotlight?