Refresh Times on Connected Data

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Hi All, I'm building a site that relies on connected data to publish as content. An Ai generates content into cells (sheets or Airtable, not sure which is best yet) and then is published in Duda using connectors. At the moment the refresh time is about 2 hours which is way too long for a dynamic site, does anyone have any ideas how the refresh rate could be sped up?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.


  • visioncraft
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    Hi there, @Laswell!

    According to the support docs, items in internal collections are updated immediately, as soon as you (re)publish the site, after entering your data. This is a great solution for small datasets, and requires little to no programming.

    If you have a custom plan, you can also use external collections — these are collections in an external database, such as a MySQL database — which also update immediately. This is a super powerful solution, that allows you to use large datasets, but requires some custom programming.

    You can also host your data in an external platform, like Google Sheets or Airtable, but be aware that these will have their own requirements, caveats and limitations. The type of data you store in a Google Sheet, for example, may be restricted, but you might get updates immediately. Data stored in Airtable, on the other hand, can only be refreshed once per hour.

    These, of course, use Duda's built-in capability to connect directly to your data — whether it is held in an internal or external collection — and display it using Dynamic Pages. There is no 'connector' needed here. If none of these help, you could always roll out your own solution — for example, by creating custom widgets that use Javascript to automatically retrieve the data from whatever data source or API you want, on every page load (so the data would always be dynamically loaded, and always up-to-date).

    Does this help?

  • Laswell
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    Hey @visioncraft , thanks so much thanks great information. I'm a bit guilty of "RTFM" haha but yes it seems a custom plan will get me what I need. Surprisingly hard to find platforms that do connected data like Duda does so major kudos to them 😀