Is There a Way to Totally Delete The Blog?

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Is there a way to fully delete the entire Blog section from the site, as if it had never been 'turned on' at all?

The scenario is this: old site, with outdated Blog articles and terrible design that needs updating, badly. Client wants the blog 'deleted' immediately, with the plan to take 2-3 months to get a copywriter and an SEO specialist to work together and generate content for a new blog in the new year.

I know I could simply delete the articles, delete the 'Blog' page and remove any Blog elements and features manually from the site — and then manually recreate them again when the time comes to add them back — but I was wondering whether there is a way to 'automagically' delete the entire Blog from the site, as if it had never been added in the first place. That way, when I add it in a couple of months it'll be like 'brand new' and I'll get a 'fresh' Blog page, fresh post layout, etc…


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    Hey there!
    The support team is able to fully delete it for you, you just have to reach out and ask for the blog to be fully removed from the site 😁