Images disappearing in published site - ideas?


Hi all!

This is my first post, so I want to start by thanking anyone taking the time to read and reply to this.

I recently published a site that has specific images that are key to the message we intend to deliver. In every single preview mode or visualization, the images are showing correctly, but after a couple of minutes after hitting publish, two images disappear as if they never where there. I'm attaching two images to show the problem.

I tried reloading, reconfiguring, and republishing the images, but to no results. All help and ideas are deeply appreciated and welcome. Thanks!


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  • visioncraft
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    Welcome to the Community, @AStevens!

    When you go into your site's Media Manager, do you see the images? If the images show up there without issues, I'd guess it's more likely that the problem is happening somewhere in the particular row/section of your page. Rather than spending too long troubleshooting it, I'd probably just try deleting and rebuilding it from scratch, to see if it makes a difference.

    A separate question: is the entire testimonial, including all the text, an image? If so, is there a reason for doing it that way, rather than having the text as text, so it can be indexed by search engines and searched on the page?…


  • AStevens
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    Hi @visioncraft , Thank you!

    In the Media Manager the images appear without problem. I was going to try and re-do everything from scratch today and with your suggestion it's definitely a go.

    Thank you for bringing up the indexing comment. I did it that way because of responsiveness being easier and out of ignorance in terms of search engines indexing. I've had some hard time making sure that going from desktop→tablet→mobile assets actually reorder/rearrange in a consistent manner, so I went ahead and saved me the time of managing that. This being said, I'll give it a whirl with straight forward Text+image and see how it works. Thanks a bunch for your reply and help!! I'll keep you updated on how it goes.

  • AStevens
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    Hey @visioncraft Just following up on your comment. Delete and rebuild worked, so thank you!

    I tried to make the design work without it being images, and it really was hard to make sure responsiveness works as it should be… at least for me haha. I'll give it a try again later, but for now we'll keep it as is. Thank you for bringin up the importance of having it as text!

    Have a great day