Google SERPs Title Tag pulling in Alt Text

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Hey Everyone,

We have noticed that a few of our clients' results within SERPs are not using our Title Tags but rather using the Logo Alt text as the Title Tag. I know Google now can change this to whatever they feel fit, but does anyone else see this happen? How do I fix it?

Today, we added our ideal title tag to the logo alt text to mitigate this.



  • Shawn
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    Hey there! Google typically uses the page's metadata title for this unless it feels like it doesn't describe the page well enough or it's too long. With that in mind, a good place to start would be updating your metadata to include the business name in the page's title.

    Right now it's "New Construction Homes, Commercial Construction, Barndominium House & Floor Plan Builder Kearney, Liberty & Springfield MO." Instead, try something like "221 Construction | Liberty & Springfield MO."