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Is there a way to change a flex section to a classic section? Or adding a classic section in a flex site. Tried searching but can't find anything.


  • visioncraft
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    edited November 2023

    If you have been given access to the new 'All-Flex Editor', you can choose between the 'classic' and 'all-flex' editors when you start a new site.
    If you start the site using the new "All-Flex Editor", then you cannot use 'classic' rows on the site at all — the new editor does not give you access to the old rows.

    If you start your site using the "Classic Editor", you'll still have access to flex sections, and you'll be able to mix flex sections with rows (i.e., 'classic sections') on the same page, as needed. To make it easier, start your site using one of the flex templates, and add sections and/or rows as required.

    Does that help?

  • WeebInnovation5100

    You Can remove flex section and add classic section