Is anyone using lunchbox essentials?

Good Afternoon is anyone using lunchbox essentials? I've been looking to market to local mom and pop restaurants more, but im curious if any agencies have used this app for clients in the last few months and what your feedback has been?


  • Aj_Cre8
    Aj_Cre8 Member Posts: 564 MVP

    I am not. I know its in the Duda app store, but I have always heard that GloriaFood is the goto. @ScottyStrehlow, can you get the App Guy involved?

  • ScottyStrehlow
    ScottyStrehlow Member Posts: 201 Duda Staff

    Hi @WebworxAgency - good question! Let me loop in our App expert who can shed some more light on Lunchbox.

  • the_duda_app_guy
    the_duda_app_guy Member Posts: 19 App Team

    Hey @WebworxAgency , happy to help. I don't have much from a feedback perspective, but it's a solid option overall. It's very US / North America focused with integrations with DoorDash for delivery and various POS systems. I can look around and see if we have feedback, or maybe some folks in the Facebook group have feedback as well.

  • Jacob
    Jacob Member Posts: 18 Learner

    I also am very interested in Lunchbox app. Maybe Duda can set up a Webinar with Lunchbox to go over the details of app alongside Duda?

  • visioncraft
    visioncraft Member Posts: 140 Learner

    This is an excellent idea. I'd love to have hints and tips on the apps that would enable us to target cafés and restaurants: this is a niche with very particular requirements.