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Good day,

Video not playing on Mobile - how can I get my video to play on mobile. I find it funny that Duda's video site files can be played on mobile but not mine even if it's a .MP4 format.

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  • Ryan_Burke
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    Another thought:

    Is autoplay enabled but audio is not muted? The autoplay feature only works if the audio is muted. This is due to specific browser restrictions and is not exclusive to Duda sites. You can read Chrome's documentation about autoplay (Firefox and Safari have similar restrictions as well).

    Here is our article about it.



  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Hi @hjuk314 - this shouldn't be the case. To make sure - is your iPhone or Android in "Low Power Mode" or some sort of power savings mode? If that's the case it will not let video play while turned on to help save battery life on your device.

    Please let me know if that doesn't solve this issue!

  • hjuk314
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    @ScottyStrehlow Hi,

    So as I figured, it's still no playing whether it's on save mode or note

  • hjuk314
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