NEW: Duda's 2024 AI Outlook for Digital Agency Leaders

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Hi Everyone 👋

It's no secret that AI stole the show in 2023. Now digital agencies are taking what we've learned into the new year. Take a look at our latest agency report, where we surveyed 200 agency owners across the globe.🌐

2024 AI Outlook for Digital Agency Leaders

Free to download, no contact details required.

Our Key Findings:

  1. The fear of missing out is real, driving widespread AI adoption.
  2. Agency owners expect AI to transform how they do business.
  3. AI already yields positive results for digital agencies and their clients.
  4. Agency owners expect their AI-driven savings to increase by 134% YoY.
  5. When it comes to 2024 AI spend, content is king

Get the full report here

How does your agency stack up? Let us know in the comments! ⬇️



  • Jacob
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    Awesome Report, Duda!
    AI is definitely one of the most exciting developments in marketing right now, and I'm glad to see so many agencies embracing its potential.

    The findings in your report are spot on, especially the projected growth in AI-driven savings.

    Here at Fitz Designz, we're using AI in several ways:

    • Generating personalized content for our clients.
    • Automating repetitive tasks, which frees up our team to focus on more strategic work.
    • Gaining valuable insights from data analysis.
    • Many of the tools we use are also adapting AI to make repetitive tasks easier. Example our client reporting platform generates a report summary which highlights the KPI's.

    We believe that AI is a powerful tool that can help us deliver even better results for our clients.