AI SEO tags for Blogs

Jacob Member Posts: 28 Learner

I've commented about this on several of posts about the new AI SEO Meta tag generation for pages and got no feedback. For the Blog pages it seems like this abilty was left out. You cant use the AI tag generator for Blog Metas. However, you can use the AI ALT tag generator for blogs. Most content writing agencies charge $5-$10 for Meta tags. Having the DUDA's AI do this would save time and money for our agency. Hoping Duda can shed light on if this feature was left of on purpose and if it has a timeline for implementation.


  • Tal_Levi
    Tal_Levi Member Posts: 16 Product Team

    Hey @Jacob! We're planning to add the SEO Assistant to blog as well 🙂

  • Bruce_McCaughan
    Bruce_McCaughan Member Posts: 132 Learner

    @Tal_Levi when will you be enable multi-language for blogs? The blog was first available in fall of 2015, multi-language was released spring 2016. This need has existed long be fore AI. Thanks in advance.