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I looked and looked and searched this forum and cannot find it. Ecwid talks about the customization capability of the 3rd party store. It seems like there is a menu item to get into it or regular Ecwid, but, where and how does one edit CSS when it is embedded in the Duda page. Does one just add/edit CSS from the cookbook in the page CSS of the store? I am trying to customize appearance of the BUY button for some API stuff.



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  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Hi @Rene,

    Good question! I checked with our Support team, and it looks like it should be an easy setup.

    If you're trying to customize elements of your Ecwid store using code found in Ecwid's CSS Cookbook, add it to the site.css page within Dev Mode.

    If you're new to Dev Mode, check out this helpful video below:

    I hope that works for you!

  • Rene
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    Thanks a million, Scotty. Yes, I found that I was able to access the CSS on the specific pages of the store (product, category, store, checkout).

    Now I am trying to learn if the Storefront API is active by default and/or if I can use it to append buttons to collections, etc.

    I need to add a product to the cart along with a few attributes. Then I need to call post a SOAP call when the order is paid. So, I will be looking to see if that is possible OR if I need Ecwid to create something custom (YIKES!)

    I appreciate your response!