Duda's Latest Product Enhancements & New Features 🚀

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Hello Everyone! 

The Duda Product Team has been hard at work as the year - and while 2023 is coming to a close, new features and product updates never slow down! Take a look below for a comprehensive list of the recent improvements that were recently launched.

Redirect Form Submitters to a Page of Your Choice

Enhance your website's form submission experience by directing users to a destination of your choosing the moment they click the submit button. This grants you control over conversions and tracking, enabling seamless integration with various marketing tools such as email or CRM platforms. Whether you opt for an internal or external page, this redirection feature opens up customization possibilities to empower your overall user engagement. Learn More

Add a Click-To-Call Phone Icon

Introducing a brand-new phone icon in the Social Icons widget, giving you the ability to incorporate a click-to-call option directly on a site. This enhancement is designed to boost your client's business by encouraging more inbound calls, elevating overall conversions, and enhancing the customer experience, especially on mobile devices.

New Format Options for the Google Calendar Widget

Is the AM/PM format not preferred by your client's audience? Now, with a straightforward toggle switch, you can effortlessly adjust the time format of the Google Calendar widget to either 12 hours or 24 hours. Upon initial widget addition to your site, the format defaults to the site's language. However, you can easily modify the default setting in the widget's Content tab as required. Learn More

Export Internal Collections to CSV

You can now download your site’s Internal Collection to a CSV file, and use it with whatever third-party app or platform you want. Learn More

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Rename Theme Colors to Enhance Your Design Flow

Create faster workflows by customizing the names of your website's Theme Colors with clear, descriptive labels. Move beyond generic identifiers like 'Color #3' and opt for meaningful names such as 'Light Background.' This allows your team of designers to easily understand and apply these colors.

Keep track of which product or category you’re on

"While editing your native store's catalog, enjoy the convenience of a sticky header that remains visible as you scroll down to access additional settings. This helps ensure that you always know which product or category that you're currently working on.

New to Duda's Native eCommerce Solution? Start Here

Site subscription’s auto-renewal indication on the Site List

We've introduced a subscription status indicator in your Site List, displaying not just whether a site's auto-renewal is activated but also indicating the date of its next payment.

Default audio settings for videos set to autoplay

Aligning with web conventions, major browsers automatically mute autoplay videos. To adhere to this standard, when configuring a video for autoplay in the Video widget, its audio option will automatically default to Off. Learn More

Find a custom widget you’ve built

Now, you can upload icons to each widget you've created in the Widget Builder. This feature simplifies the process of locating a specific widget within your list, especially when dealing with an extensive collection.

And speaking of custom widgets, did you know you have the capability to share (and even sell) a fully customized widget with another Duda account? Check it Out

Better URL redirect best practice example

Navigate the URL Redirect list screen more confidently with our new guiding example, offering a clearer illustration of how to formulate an effective redirect. Look for the Example tag next to the guiding instance. Once you add your initial redirect, it replaces this example in the table.

…and that's just covering the last month! Stay tuned for more updates coming. We have a lot of great features coming in 2024 to help you build better. 💪