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Hello All,

We have a company who belongs to the same group I created a website here at Duda, they have different branding and domain. Technically it would be a different company, and I will develop a new website, this time into Duda. My question is in regards to whats best to management and what would be cost wise. Option A: Should I add another site, whitin my own panel and start developing from there. Option B: or should I register a new account in Duda and start from scratch?

I understand that I'd have a different cost following option A in my current plan, but how do I know and where I go. Also, would that be an issue in adding a different domain if option A is choosen?

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  • Thomas_Connery
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    Option A should work well. You already have an existing Duda account with one live website published. You just need to create a new website in your dashboard, design it the way you want it, and then publish it. This 2nd or new site can have it's own domain, users, etc. It is separate from the 1st website you already completed. When you go to publish it, it will prompt you for either monthly or annual payment.

    Does that help?