We need help with setting up Duda Membership in our website

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Hello, we're creating a website for our client via Duda. They want their website set up in such a way that only legitimate prospects will have access in their product catalog. This is why we opted to use the Duda Membership option. However, we're encountering a few difficulties. I've already come to support but nothing that they've given me have helped us so far. I've listed down the problems that we're encountering right now:

1. Pending page - I was told that a registrant is supposed to be taken to the pending page after registering but it didn’t happen when we tested registration. Instead we were taken to our homepage.

2. Access denied page - Before we tested the registration, we tried accessing the private pages. Instead of being taken to the Access denied page, we were taken instead to the sign in page.

I've already asked about support about this and I was told that all these should be in default but it's not, in our case.

I hope you can help us figure this out. Thank you.



  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Hi @Rhea!

    I see that one of our team members, @Sharon_Rubinstein reached out directly to help. Were you able to get a solution for this yet?

  • Rhea
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    Hey Scott, thank you for your response.

    Yes, Sharon is already looking into our issue. Thank you for checking.