Site Search 360 on multi-language

Anette Member Posts: 4

Does the Site Search 360 also works on multi-language sites?

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  • ScottyStrehlow
    ScottyStrehlow Member Posts: 267 Duda Staff
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    Hi @Anette!

    Yes, it works on multi-language. You will just need to make sure to republish after adding ML so that Site Search re-indexes the sitemap to capture the newly translated pages. 😊

  • the_duda_app_guy
    the_duda_app_guy Member Posts: 23 mod
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    Hey @Anette - Scotty hit it on the head: Yes Site Search 360 will work with multi-language pages. As long as you're republishing after translating your pages.

  • Anette
    Anette Member Posts: 4
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    Great, thank you all for the support!