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Hey folks, I have written some JS that uses the Ecwid API. Some of the functions work just great. However, we do not seem to have access to the page object which is required for the OnPageLoaded subscription and to get direct access to product, cart page for productId, cartID and other fields.
Someone said that I need to pay Duda an additional $100/mo to get access to the API that Ecwid gives customers for free.

Am I missing something here or do we actually have access to the page object though Duda dynamic pages are likely handling all of the display rather than an iFrame or dynamic element script that Ecwid may use? I would love to have access to the Ecwid page object for a single client without paying an additional $100+ per month on my plan for custom.

Thoughts? Answers?


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  • Aj_Cre8
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    If you're wanting to use API access on your store then your best bet would be to utilize your own account on ecwid and then add that store to do the manually. The features that we have available to us in the integration within the dashboard are very limited based on dudas contract. Thus, the reason why they purchased snip cart to build their own native e-commerce solution. So you can either reach out to Edward support for assistance on this matter or sign up for an equity account and then in a great your store and duda that way

  • Rene
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    Thanks a lot for the response. A bunch of research lead me to understand that we do have access to the full API from Ecwid. We just need to use the built-in public key found at EcwidObj.publicToken and use var storeId = Ecwid.getOwnerId() to dynamically grab the store id at will for REST API calls.

    I also learned that the methods do work as long as they are called from an action such as a button after all of the dynamic goodies are loaded and stable. The objects are not all loaded before then and it appears that methods are failing. Ecwid did not know this. I can't be the first person to do this…but, things are looking good.

    But, with that knowledge, I am moving along on the project. I am having a little challenge pulling the attribute array data, but, I am working on that. I look forward to when the native store has more capabilities.

    I appreciate your response.


  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Hi @Rene!

    I'm glad to hear you've gotten more information and direction here. I checked with our Support team and it does look like they are discussing some specifics with you there as well. Let me know if you continue to run into issues!

    (API calls get the best of me sometimes, even at their most basic 😆)