I plan to use AI for deeper customer insights

Charlie Member Posts: 2

Hello Peeps!

I was pretty scared when AI practically exploded onto the scene last year. My agency is a small team and we've felt a bit behind - there are so many tools and approaches already! 😓

I am excited to use AI to pull out more actionable insights from our client's customers this year. Most of my clients really have no idea how track client behavior or what is working for them (and what they should stop doing lol).

We've upgraded to a ChatGPT4 plan so that we can upload data more directly and even get graphs created from it (better than me drowning in Xcel sheets). From some of our advertising efforts, I know some messaging and CTsA are winning out, but I think I'll be able to test a lot more variations without spending time making them.

Cheers to all of us maximizing AI this year! 🤞