Tutorial: How to Add Site SSL to a Duda Website

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Hello beautiful Duda Customers!

My name is Alex, and I'm a Technical Engineer at Duda, coming to you from our Brazil office. 🌴☀️

Today, I want to walk you through the process of setting up your website SSL once you've published your site on Duda. It only takes a few steps, but is a crucial part of setting up your custom domain for success.

How to Add Site SSL to a Duda Website

A few key things to remember:

  • There is not a way to provide an SSL certificate for content that is hosted on a different server.
  • TLS 1.2 and higher is supported.
  • There is a 64-character limit for the domain (including WWW) in order for the SSL certificate to be generated.
  • Adding AAAA and CAA records prevents issuing an SSL certificate. Please ensure you do not have these records configured.

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Here's a more in-depth walkthrough from Duda University:

Best of luck building your next site! I hope this helps streamline your build process. 😎