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I'm rebuilding my current site in the new Duda Flex Editor Beta 2.0. So far I like the new editor. I'm to a point of copying my current blog from my current site. What I thought was going to be somewhat easy is not as I hit a speed bump. As this was a new project for my company we are currently testing out Duda for long term use and only have a Team plan. From reading the docs, my understanding is that:

You can only import a RSS feed from a blog if you have published a site. I researched this as I don't have the import option on my test Flex Editor Beta 2.0 site.

Since I'm testing out the editor, I don't want to pay to publish a site that I'm purely testing for Duda to find bugs and for my own benefits of using a new editor. I also find it strange that you have to publish a site to import a blog.

Are there any work arounds for this, or the only other options I see are:

Upgrade to Agency. We may do this at our yearly renewal in August.

Pay to publish the secondary site

Manually create the blog by C&P a lot.



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    If your current blog is on the classic editor, and you are moving to Flex, it is recommended that you manually redo each blog post! This can seem like a daunting task, I am sure, but there are a bunch of us out there who will help you if needed. You can find us at the Duda Experts Page. Even if you are not switching editors, manually is still the way to go. The RSS import option is just so BLAH!! Let us know if we can help.

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    Thanks for the reply. I finally got a response from support and the feature is not available in the Flex Editor. Could not get a clear picture if this is on the roadmap or not. If it is not it will be a major barrier for people to move to Flex Editor.

    In dealing with a lot of large Beta programs I'm surprised that Duda does not have better feedback to the testers. I love testing and put a lot of time into it. They speak about wanting to hear feedback from us testers, but I don't see:

    • Any area for Beta testers to see the progress of the beta.
    • Bug reports, Fixes, etc.
    • Versioning of the software
    • Roadmap
    • Etc…

    So If I want to move forward I will have to recreate the blogs with the trusted C&P method or wait to see if they are going to implement the feature and when.