Embracing AI for 2024

Lesli Member Posts: 13

I have only been playing around with AI for the past six months. But I am excited about all the time-saving things AI can help me with.

I just signed up for Splashdash.ai to hook up with my Duda sites. I am really, really excited to see how it'll boost my SEO game.

My favorite AI tool so far is Shortwave for emails. I love how it lets me organize my inbox, but the best part is that it writes emails for me and even learns my writing style. This has been a game-changer for my email management and time savings.

Duda's SEO Assistant is slick for alt tags and meta descriptions. It's a huge time-saver too.

Also, I'm dabbling in creating My GPTs for website outlines and content creation. I also played around with setting up a My GPTs to help with CSS for Duda sites and have found it really helpful.

I am looking forward to diving into more AI tools this year.



  • Lori_Osborne
    Lori_Osborne Member Posts: 17

    Thanks for sharing these great tips! I'm going to check them out!!! I, too, have found that AI is helping so much with my writing and I LOVE it for SEO on our Duda sites. I just need to use it more for everything else so I love your suggestions here.