Adding a simple daily calender to a website

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Hi all, I am looking to add a daily calendar to a website showing what specialists are available at what time for the upcoming day. Is there a widget or app that can handle this and that can be styled following the design of the website?

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  • Aj_Cre8
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    Options has a widget for the Google Calendar. You can also reach out to an Expert to assist in a Custom Calendar Widget if you want.

  • Thomas_Connery
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    You may need to look at a formal booking tool or app that can do all of this. I've used vcita before from the app store and that may align to your requirements. Not sure though. Of course there are other booking tools as well that may include calendar management. Good luck!


  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Hi @elangeweg - I wanted to check in and see if you were able to find a solution?

  • elangeweg
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    Hi unfortunately, I did not find a good solution just yet. The suggested google Calendar option is not working as this does not let me show just one day with all the relevant information.