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Where do I install LinkedIN's Insight tag into my duda website?

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  • MarceloLSDias23
    MarceloLSDias23 Member Posts: 8

    Hi @Thomas_Connery thanks a lot for your answer. I'll let you know if that works for me. Another quick question, If I add it at GTM, my linkedin campaing results would be displayed at Google Analytics / GTM tool right?

  • Thomas_Connery
    Thomas_Connery Member Posts: 232 MVP

    Linkedin provides the following: How do I know my tag is working? 

    You can check the status in Campaign Manager by navigating to Analyze and then Conversion Tracking. Select the Data Sources tab.  Once the Insight Tag is installed on your website and a LinkedIn member visits, your Insight Tag will show as "active."

    To my knowledge, LinkedIn would display the results.