Opportunity for Agencies πŸ”Ž - Google is Sunsetting Google Business Profiles in March 2024

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Hello Duda Builders,

The word is out - Google has announced that they will be shutting down websites built with Google Business Profiles in March 2024. This is a big hit to small businesses that don't have a digital presence.


The Opportunity to Convert Small Businesses to Clients

In a recent article by Duda's SEO Expert, @Shawn - this provides a big opportunity for agencies to convert these small businesses into new clients. I wanted to highlight a few great points:

Without a website builder, they could lose their entire digital presence.

These websites were simple and provided very little functionality. Many of these businesses may not even realize what they are missing out on with the help of a high-performing website.

Three Obstacles for Agencies to Consider

That being said, these new potential clients present a few challenges when selling.

  • These businesses may be considering abandoning their web presence altogether.
  • These businesses are likely much more price-sensitive than your current clientele.
  • It may be difficult to find which local businesses were using Google Business Profile websites.

The Benefits Gained from Working With You

  • Visitor personalizations
  • Transactional capabilities
  • Selling services
  • Content management
  • Advanced designs

The opportunity for online transactions is a huge selling point. Get even more tips from a fellow agency owner, Orel.

Automate Your Efforts

"Are these clients even worth pursuing?"

Yes, but because they are likely to be price-sensitive, we recommend automating a large part of this process by utilizing Instant Sites. You can create a website based on a vertical or type of customer you want and then pair it with a PPC campaign.

Get more help with the full blog post. Have questions about your approach? Leave a comment!


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