Facebook Conversions API

Hello. With the advent of iOS14 and beyond, working with Facebook Conversions API has become really important.

The reason being because FB can no longer properly track users on iOS systems relying only in its pixel. It needs server side information in order to better track users and conversions.

With Wordpress, there is a plugin called Pixel Your Site which automatically creates that CAPI connection.

I was wondering if Duda offers or plans to offer something similar to connect to Facebook CAPI.

Here's an article:




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    Hi @brunopicinini!

    You can vote for this feature here.

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    @brunopicinini I think I found a solution for this - https://stape.io/fb-capi-gateway

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    You should contact Duda customer support directly or consult their documentation to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information about their current and planned features.