New Image Alt Text Manager ✨

Tal_Levi Member Posts: 16 Product Team

Hey everyone! 👋 We’ve added a new centralized location where you can see and manage all your site images and their alt text. It’s available under SEO in your Site Overview.

Seamlessly update alt text for individual images manually or with the help of our AI Assistant.

✨ Quickly scan through alt text for all images or filter the ones without it.

✨ Easily search for and find a specific image using the handy search bar.

✨ Review and edit alt text tags in your multilingual pages, too! Use the language dropdown to do this. A notification dot will alert you to any missing alt text for images on a specific multilingual page.

✨ Access the alt text manager within the editor from the Image widget or the media manager. Thank you for being such amazing Duda community members!

What additional SEO & Accessibility tasks would you like us to assist with?

P.S. Coming soon: Generate alt text for all images in bulk! 🚀