Memberships with Add On Sub Services?

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Greetings, wonderful community!

I'm reaching out in hopes of finding a solution to a particular challenge we're facing. Our customer operates on an annual membership model, aligned with the academic year (May to April) rather than the calendar year. This organization is a non-profit dedicated to serving children through the Boys & Girls Club.

The ideal scenario is for a parent to log into our system and see a dashboard where memberships for each of their children are clearly listed. Having a membership is a prerequisite for participating in additional activities, each carrying its own cost and requiring a separate form.

Both parents and administrators should be able to easily view which children have active, paid memberships and which do not. Moreover, it should be straightforward for them to add services to these memberships.

For instance, let's consider John Doe, who has two children, Jenny and Jimmy. John logs in wishing to purchase a membership for each child at $25 for the school year. Additionally, he wants to enroll Jenny in volleyball for an extra $20 and sign Jimmy up for basketball at $30. It should be possible for John to easily add these activities to his account for each child.

I understand this explanation is quite detailed, but any guidance, advice, or solutions you might have to streamline this process would be incredibly valuable. Thank you in advance for your help and for being such a supportive community!

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    Hi @MDS_Agency,

    Thanks for sharing this idea with very helpful details.

    I've checked with our Technical Team, and this isn't a current capability of our Membership feature.

    For example, we can't get John to manage Jimmy & Jenny's packages, technically the children would need to create their own member account (which is not ideal for your scenario).

    We've also explored a workaround using the Native eComm Solution, but unfortunately, it is not a possibility there either. I do really like this use case you've provided. I encourage you to share this on the Ideas Board!