Website Templates as Passive Income

Ranessa_Hendrix Member Posts: 10

Recently, I have been doing research into generating some passive income streams for our agency & I keep coming back to possibly selling Website templates. Especially since we have already niched down into a specific industry.

I would love advice from anyone working in the Duda platform, however, because there doesn’t seem to be much information out there regarding this particular business model & Duda sites?

I guess my number one question would be how to implement a template for a client who isn’t interested in us doing the work for them? There is a lot more information out there about selling Shopify or Squarespace templates, but I honestly don’t enjoy creating on those platforms.

Any advice, tips or ideas are welcomed & appreciated!


  • Thomas_Connery
    Thomas_Connery Member Posts: 248 MVP

    Hi Ranessa, I can share my experience with you if you'd like. I've got 100+ Duda templates listed online currently. Feel free to DM. Short story = Yes, you can sell Duda templates. Is it 100% passive? No. Is it easy to transfer a website? Yes. Same goes for custom widgets. You can sell those as well.