TaxJar not calculating or collecting taxes on a 3rd party site?

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Has anyone had an issue with TaxJar not calculating or collecting taxes on a 3rd party site? As of Thursday, 2/29, TaxJar stopped calculating and collecting taxes at checkout on my website. We contacted TaxJar, who responded days later with a generic form letter. We have contacted Duda twice, and they have escalated my ticket for help, but I have not heard back from them. We have even contacted Ecwid and Stripe since Stripe purchased TaxJar a few years ago, but no answers.


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  • Arnoldo_L
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    My name is Arnoldo from the Duda Support team.

    I'm confirming that we received your escalation and are working with our third party store partner Ecwid to get this issue resolved.

    Our team will follow up with you in the ticket you submitted. In case you need help locating the ticket, please DM me, and I will provide you with the ticket reference number.

    Thank you!


  • ewilhelmus
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    I appreciate everything that Duda's support team has done and how responsive they have been. We have been without our website calculating tax for almost a week. I was trying to see if anyone else has had this issue or could give us some insight and point out something we have missed on our end. We appreciate you Arnoldo and the Duda support team!