Duda Native eCommerce - Now Accepting Payments with Square 💳 🛍

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Hello Duda Builders,

Our team is excited to share our newest addition to Native eCommerce - a partnership with Square! This provides a new, trusted payment gateway for any digital commerce you or your clients are offering.

Accept Payments with Square on Duda

When it comes to eCommerce, we know payment gateways are a huge component. Now, you can utilize Square as the merchant of record for every transaction.

Give your clients the power to transact online, over-the-counter, or on-the-go with a unified payment processing solution that’s complemented by Square’s collection of sleek point-of-sale hardware and exhaustive list of accepted cards (POS support arriving later this year).

Know exactly how much your clients will be taking home with fair and transparent pricing — meaning no weird fees and the same rate for every card. Then, take home that income with deposits that hit as quickly as just one business day.

You also get the ability to empower clients with advanced features beyond payments like business analytics, marketing, staff management, easy-to-use accounting templates, and more.

How to Add Square as a Payment Gateway

Step 1:

In the editor, select Sell Online, then Store Management.

Step 2:

Follow the on-screen prompts to login and connect your Square account.

Step 3:

Click Set up payment gateways.

Step 4:

Connect with website builders from around the world using Duda to create unique, exciting websites for their clients.

Step 5:

Click the Connect Account button next to Square.

Step 6:

(Optional) If you have multiple locations in Square and wish to select a different one, click Change, located in the Square location banner.

Resources to Get You Started

Let us know your thoughts about this new capability! Will this help you set up digital eCommerce stores in the future?