Personalization options in All-Flex

Justin_Collins Member Posts: 16

I understand All-Flex is still in Beta, but I'm just wondering if the Personalization options will eventually make their way into All-Flex/2.0?

Right now we can create popups, but outside of assigning them to a button, there's not much use for them.


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  • ScottyStrehlow
    ScottyStrehlow Member Posts: 307 Duda Staff
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    Hi @Justin_Collins!

    Good question. I've double-checked with the Product team, and personalization options will certainly be coming to Editor 2.0 shortly. Once it is available, we will share an update here in the Community.

    In the meantime, I encourage you to share feedback through the dashboard in the Editor when using Editor 2.0. Our team is looking through the feedback submitted meticulously.

    I appreciate your patience and hope to share an update in the near future!