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Example Page:

So it would be good if we had an agreed upon word for the Individual Photo page which opens up from the Photo Grid page. Specifically, where can I find the instructions on editing the 'landing page' like background color and text blocks.

And Yes, I did spend two hours on the university and help discussion board… but of course I missed something.

Attached is the grid page, of which there is no problem with that, it's the page which pops up when you click on a photo in the gallery page (as the link attached). Thanks for the help

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  • Arnoldo_L
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    It's Arnoldo from Duda Support.

    To change the background color of the lightbox, please add the following CSS rule to the site.css file of your site.

    body .pswp__bg {
    background: [INSERT BACKGROUND COLOR HERE] !important; 

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    Aha… That's easy.

    Thank you