AI Assistant Updates ✨

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Hey everyone!

Our team is constantly building new AI capabilities to help you streamline projects and accelerate content generation. Check out a few of our recent updates below:

Business Profiles

When filling out this information, there are only two required fields - Business Name and Business Type. These fields only need to be completed once per site.

We do have additional fields that will help further optimize your content! This includes a new field for you to specify the service area of your business. Completing it will provide you with more optimized SEO meta tag suggestions.

Get Inspiration with a new "Need an idea?" dropdown

This new dropdown presents a curated list of information types that can elevate the quality and accuracy of your content. This is available with the "Business description field" and will also start to be available in more AI Assistant fields. No more creative blocks - AI is here to help you brainstorm & optimize.

What additional capabilities would you like to see added to Duda's AI Assistant?