Publish site on basic paln

Jarmo2127 Member Posts: 6

Hey all - I contacted support but its going to take awhile for them to get back to me- I just paid for a basic plan and want to publish my site but it wont let me with out paying for an extra site ? they also charged me the monthy rate up front for a year… and now my site as been hijacked by some Pilates website


  • Aj_Cre8
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    @ScottyStrehlow needs to get someone involved here if you website has been hacked. When you log into your dashboard how many websites do you have on your dashboard? Have you already published one website? If so, you will need to unpublish it, in order for your website to counted as your "1 free site". Without knowing exactly what your looking at (screenshots etc) we cant really guide you on how to fix, but the "HIJACKED SITE" seems to be a really big issue!!!!